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"The Natural Healing Force within each of us is the GREATEST Force in getting well"



About Me

Lesley Evans is no stranger to feeling overwhelmed, being a mother of 3 girls, wife and primary support for her mother while working in the public health system.


Lesley is an International Best-Selling Author of “DeFUNK YourSELF” and co-author of best-seller “Creating Impact”.  She worked as a traditional therapist before she sought training in alternative therapies and discovered she was highly intuitive. She has developed a perfect blend of modern and magical therapies to empower the overwhelmed by teaching how to shed the guilt, find your passion and live an inspired life.

Lesley has thirty years of experience as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse Therapist. She is a Certified Soul Care Practitioner and Reiki Master. She brings new purpose and passion for raising awareness, gaining new perspectives and teaching others to Shine Their Light and believes, like The Rising Phoenix, that everyone can rise from the ashes of their old life and build themselves stronger to shine their light into the world.

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