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My Services

I offer a range of services to facilitate igniting and shining your inner light!  I believe in doing so, we create light in the world, a little at  a time, illuminating those we love and our communities. 

My services include: Individual and Group Hypnotherapy, Individual Coaching, Group Coaching, Speaking and Teaching, and Co-host of Embrace The Woo; The Spirituality Event.

Classes and Programs

Join Clinical Hypnotherapist, Lesley, as you learn how to create your vision for manifesting. Lock it in with a Manifesting group Hypnotherapy session.

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Embrace The Woo: The Spirituality Experience

An immersive, experiential day of Alternative Healing and Transformation for you, your relationships and your business.

Master Event Producer, Kimberly Crowe and Master Healer, Lesley Evans have set it up so the whole day is energy-packed and it will be a huge opportunity for you to learn Everything and Anything WOO. Really, there’s nothing better than being in the presence of so many beautiful, heart-centered, positive healers to brighten your day and put you on the path of your destiny……. All from the comfort of your own home!

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Embrace the Woo was A-Mazing!! The speakers were all amazing and the gifts were soo generous. I will definitely attend the next one!!”  Antoinette Elam (Attendee)

Your Akashic Records are your Soul's Library of this life, past lives and future lives.  We access the Records to dive in to the experience and wisdom your soul has gained to gain guidance in our current lifetime. 

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Individual Counselling

Not sure if Hypnotherapy or the Akashic Records are for you? Join Lesley for a counselling session and benefit from her over 32 years as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse Therapist.

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International Best Selling Book


"DeFUNK YourSELF: Tips To Guide You Out of The Funk You're In "

Lesley provides simple tips and strategies to meet you where you're at and start you on your path to balance and peace of mind. She has captured many important pieces of information in a very readable and relatable way.

Manifest Magic with Presence

6-week Online Course

Learn how to Connect with YOURSelf to Manifest Magic in your life.

In this 6 week online program, you will learn how to manifest magic in your life by connecting more with yourself, being more present, and connecting with your higher self and the Universe.

Each week will include a lesson with Group Hypnotherapy or group Akashic Reading to solidify the lesson.

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A simple definition of hypnosis is that it is a state of relaxation that the Conscious critical mind becomes an observer, and allows direct communication with the Sub-conscious mind. 

This allows the Hypnotherapist to assist their clients to make changes at the deep Sub-conscious level needed for permanent change.

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Teaching and sharing is my passion!  Topics include: Steps to Bring You Out of The Funk You're In, Mindfulness and how to incorporate it in Everyday Life, How mindfulness can Increase Productivity, 3 Mistakes Busy Women Make That Lead to Overwhelm... and how to fix them, Anxiety and Overwhelm and How to Move Forward, Modern and Magical, How to Use the Best of Both Worlds.  Email for specific requests.

Individual Counselling

Book and Speaking

What My Clients Say

Lana cropped - Lana Walsh.jpeg

Lana W. - Sleep Coach

I’ve had the pleasure of getting two Akashic Records readings from Lesley and both sessions provided me with such great insight that helped me to move my business forward. I find it hard to analyze myself, my thoughts, my limiting beliefs, but working with Lesley helped me to identify things that had been affecting my life – putting them into words that I couldn’t describe – that allowed me to work on the specific issues that were holding me back. I highly recommend working with Lesley!

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